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ISDN Attachment to a TR LAN Disclosure Number: IPCOM000102321D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-17
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Schick, T: AUTHOR


Disclosed is a technique for attaching ISDN devices to a TR LAN. The technique permits attachment with minimal disruption.

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ISDN Attachment to a TR LAN

       Disclosed is a technique for attaching ISDN devices to a
TR LAN.  The technique permits attachment with minimal disruption.

      Described is the relatively simple modifications to achieve
this objective.  The invention provides for the Wiring Closet (WC) to
contain relays which, when tripped, take the lobe in question out of
the TR LAN.  It furthermore provides for other WC relays to connect
half of the lobe to a PBX.  The terminal in question, as well as all
the other terminals on the TR LAN, need know nothing of this WC
rerouting.  Of course, the terminal must contain an ISDN adapter, as
does the PBX.

      Fig. 1 shows a typical TR LAN environment with data flowing
from a Terminal, T, on the TR LAN and voice traveling from a
telephone, t, on a distinct set of lines, network, to a PBX.  G is
the Gateway, while B is a Bridge.

      Another way to configure the network is shown in Fig. 2, where
the telephone wires and the TR LAN wires travel to the Wiring Closet
in the same cable.  The telephone wires are routed to the PBX in the

      The telephone wire can be used as an ISDN line by changing the
adapters at the ends of the lines.  This assumes that the telephone
wires conform to the ISDN wiring specifications.  Here, the
telephones, only, are on the ISDN lines.  (See Fig. 3.)

      The ISDN lines can be used for both telephones and terminals.
In Scenario I shown in Fig. 4, one of the ISDN lines is used for
both a telephone and an associated terminal.  To do this the TR LAN
connection to terminal A through the WC is short circuited (SC) so
that TR LAN traffic does not reach...