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NLS MRI Test Support Technique Disclosure Number: IPCOM000102411D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-17
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Fandrick, FM: AUTHOR


This article describes a technique for testing MRI for proper isolation.

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NLS MRI Test Support Technique

       This article describes a technique for testing MRI for
proper isolation.

      The testing of NLS enabling is a difficult task.  One of the
major aspects of NLS enabling is that MRI is isolated from the
executable code.  Isolation is extremely important because the
requirement to support multilingual users (using the system at the
same time in two or more languages) is a major one.  Testers are put
in a position of having to invent a language in order to test the
multilingual aspects of the system and at the same time verifying
that all MRI appears only in this invented language to guarantee
isolation of the MRI (since any text not appearing in this invented
language is likely hard-coded English or obtained from a table not
available for translation).

      Isolation of the MRI can be tested by running all MRI against a
program that will insert leading special characters at the beginning
of each string.  The specific special characters and the number of
them are a user's option.  When the system is executed, text not
appearing with the special characters at the beginning was not
modified by the aforementioned program and thus "came from somewhere
else".  Any sentences that contain these special characters in any
place other than at the beginning are sentences comprised of multiple
separate text strings - a violation of the NLS rule stating that an
English order can not be assumed for such sentences.