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Register Representation in Knowledge Base Disclosure Number: IPCOM000102487D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Nov-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-17
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Disclosed is a method of representing registers in the state machine knowledge base of IVGEN.

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Register Representation in Knowledge Base

       Disclosed is a method of representing registers in the
state machine knowledge base of IVGEN.

      The registers are organized as units in the State Machine
knowledge base.  Each register is typically 32 bits long and divided
into fields and subfields.  Each field and all of its subfields,
sub-subfields, etc., are represented as slots of that register unit.
The register has another slot, the CURVAL_TC, to hold the current
value of the register. As the test case is generated by IVGEN, this
slot constantly changes its value.  The CURVAL_TC field is inherited
from RAL (the Read Access Locations).  The unused bits are denoted as
a reserved field if they are contiguous.  If not, more than one
reserved fields is needed to describe all unused bits.

      Unit MSR in Knowledge Base STATE_MACHINE
Comment: "Machine Status Register (MSR).  A 32-bit register used for
keeping track of the machine status."  (See the figure.)

      The relationships between the fields and subfields are
specified in the BLUE_PRT facet.  (Facets are used to record further
details of the slots.)  Each register field is a list of three items:
the field name, the field starting bit position, and the field ending
bit position.  If the field is only one bit long, no ending bit
position is necessary. The BLUE_PRT facet is a list of these lists.
SIZE_IN_BITS is another facet containing the field size.  The active
value unit attached t...