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Variable Calendar Week Start Disclosure Number: IPCOM000102637D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-17
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This article describes a method of printing month calendars starting on any day of the week.

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Variable Calendar Week Start

       This article describes a method of printing month
calendars starting on any day of the week.

      Consider a computer application that prints month calendars in
the traditional "box" format.  In the United States, these calendars
are typically printed with Sunday as the left-most column and
Saturday as the right-most column. Refer to Fig. 1 for an example.
In Europe, the box month typically has Monday as the left-most and
Sunday as the right-most columns.  Refer to Fig. 2 for an example.
Special scheduling requirements may require a month calendar which
starts on another day of the week.  Fig. 3. shows a typical computer
screen which can be used to prompt for the left-most day of the week.

      The method takes these steps.  The user is prompted to select
the left-most day of the week for the box month. This is converted to
a number from 0 to 6--Sunday is "0". This number is passed to the box
month formatting logic. This logic has the boxes of the month
numbered from 1 to 42, allowing for six rows of seven days.   The top
left box is box number 1.  Each day of the month is placed in one
of the numbered boxes.  The day number, the day of the week of the
first of the month, and the left-most day number are used to
determine the box number for each day.  Refer to Fig. 4 for an
example of a month printed with Wednesday as the left-most day
column.  Notice that the small past and future months are also
printed with W...