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Printing Calendar Day Flags Disclosure Number: IPCOM000102642D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-17
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This article describes a method of printing user-defined flag characters on a day calendar.

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Printing Calendar Day Flags

       This article describes a method of printing user-defined
flag characters on a day calendar.

      A calendar day page can be "flagged" with a symbol of the
calendar owner's choice.  This flag can denote a special event on the
date, for example, a dollar sign on a date when money is expected or
due; or a reminder, for example a heart-shaped character on an
anniversary.  The following method describes a means for the calendar
owner to place these flag character on printed day pages.

      Consider a computer calendar system which allows a user to
enter events and other day-related information into a data base of
items.  It is desirable to be able to designate some days as
"special" in some way meaningful to the owner of the calendar.  This
corresponds to the colloquial "red letter day" or to the manual
circling or writing a star or other character next to the date on a
preprinted calendar. Currently, there is no parallel way to "flag"
special days for computer printed calendars.

      Flagging can be provided using these steps: 1) a "tag" is
provided to the user so that when this tag is placed in the events
for a day, the day is considered to be special. 2) The date given
with the tag for the day is the flag character for the date.  In
general, this can be any single character, for example, an asterisk
"*" or an exclamation point "!".  In addition, other characters can
be provided, for example, a telephone symbol, a...