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Clip Retainer Assembly Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000102812D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-17
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Kimber, JJ: AUTHOR [+1]


This tool reliably and efficiently inserts C clips onto the screws of a cable grouper housing.

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Clip Retainer Assembly Tool

      This tool reliably and efficiently inserts C clips onto the
screws of a cable grouper housing.

      In the tool 1 of Fig. 1, a pair of clip storage magazines 2
are located opposite one of the two screws S that pass through
respective ones of the two ends of the grouper housing assembly H.
Each magazine 2 stores a stack of oriented C shaped retainer clips C
(Fig. A).  The clips are dispensed from the magazines by the spring
biased loader arms 3.

      In operation, the grouper is inserted in the tool 1 with each
of the screws S aligned with one of the dispenser arms 3.  Pressure
bar 4 of tool 1 is moved downwardly, exposing a circumferential
recess, not shown, on each screw S which is adapted to receive a clip
C.  The spring loaded arms 3 are then operated in synchronism, or
alternatively may be optionally operated independently of each other,
so as to move arms 3 away from their normal home position and in a
lateral direction towards each other dispensing a clip C from their
respective magazines and onto the respective one of the aligned
therewithexposed circumferential recesses of the screws S.  As a
result, clip C is affixed to the particular screw S so as to retain
the particular screw S to the cable grouper housing H.  The spring
loaded arms 3 are then released and retract to their home position to
be ready for the next operation.  Subsequently, the so affixed screws
S are positioned over and threaded to individual...