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Text selection improvement for word processing software Disclosure Number: IPCOM000102882D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-17
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The goal of this disclosure is that of making easier the selection of parts of documents stored on word processor programs. The selection method is based on those functionalities already provided by several word processors that make possible creating links between phrases or words of a document and other parts of the same document. This kind of functionalities is mainly used to create indexes and table of contents.

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Text selection improvement for word processing software

This idea will make faster the selection of whole paragraphs or chapters in which a certain document can be divided. Word processor programs (such as Microsoft word) already provide the possibility of creating indexes and / or table of contents paragraphs which entry lines are the title of the paragraphs (or chapters) and are directly and dynamically linked to the beginning of those paragraphs (or chapters) in the document body. The idea is that of allowing the selection of one or more paragraphs (or chapters) working directly on the index. For example, when activating the "pop-up" menu on a document phrase that is dynamically linked to another part of the document (typically that phrase could the title of a paragraph in the index of the document) a new "pop-up" menu entry should be selectable. Choosing that entry would mean making the "pointed" line in the document body as the line where the area to be selected begins. The same procedure should be followed on another phrase pointing to another line in the document body (typically that phrase should be the title another paragraph in the document index). This second selection would set the end of the area to be selected. All the text included between those lines would be automatically selected and one or more of its properties (such as color, font, etc..) could be massively changed.