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Flexible Laser Tooling for TAB Assembly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000103247D
Original Publication Date: 1990-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-17
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Described is a scanning laser system to excise TAB components from carrier tape reels.

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Flexible Laser Tooling for TAB Assembly

      Described is a scanning laser system to excise TAB components
from  carrier tape reels.

      (1)  A reel of TAB component is advanced to present a frame
within the working area of a scanning laser.

      (2)  A vacuum/transport system may be used to hold and/or
transfer the TAB component while it is under the beam delivery
system, and after it is excised from the carrier tape.

      (3)  A suitable laser, coupled to a computer-controlled beam
delivery system (which may include fiber optics, galvanic mirrors,
etc.) provides power to the excise area. Excising may occur through
the copper leads only, through the polyimide film, or through both.
The excise window, or footprint, is software- controlled and can be
modified in a matter of minutes to accommodate various new TAB

      Laser excise systems are applicable to TAB components in reel
or singulated formats.  No lead forming would be done with this tool.
Flexible laser tooling for TAB processing would reduce tooling lead
times, eliminate the need for multiple tool sets, and allow multiple
TAB devices to be attached to a single card without changing any tool

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