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Span Utility Disclosure Number: IPCOM000103571D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-18
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Described is a method of spanning database table data across multiple physical drives.

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Span Utility

       Described is a method of spanning database table data
across multiple physical drives.

      The OS/2* Database Manager currently limits the location of
database files (except log files) to a single subdirectory.  This
limits the size of a database to the size of 1 physical disk drive.
This is an unacceptable limitation to many users.

      The Span Utility solves this problem.  Using this utility, the
user can span a table object (data, index, or long field file) across
multiple OS/2 or AIX* subdirectories and, therefore, across multiple
physical drives.  The user runs the utility after a database table is
created.  The table may or may not have data in it.  A database table
is comprised of 3 different objects: the .DAT file which contains the
data, the .INX file which contains index information if an index
exists, and the .LF file which contains long field data if the table
contains a long varchar column.  The user may span any one of these
objects or any combination of the objects.  Each different object
type may be spanned to a different set of subdirectories.

      The user may respan the table objects at any time.  They can
expand the number of subdirectories containing the object or reduce
the number.  The user does not have to span the object into multiple
files.  The entire object can be moved to another single

      This utility can be executed concurrently with other
applications accessing the d...