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Animated Command Execution Icon Disclosure Number: IPCOM000104363D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-19
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Disclosed is an animated icon for command execution.

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Animated Command Execution Icon

      Disclosed is an animated icon for command execution.

      The icon is a dark silhouette of a man in the various stages of
running.  When the user initiates command execution, the man appears
and runs until the command either succeeds or fails (Figs. 1-4).  If
the command succeeds, the man stops running and stands up with his
arms up in a gesture of success (Fig. 3).  If the command fails, the
man falls down (Fig. 4).

      Unlike other icons which represent computer processing time
with clocks, watches or hour glasses, this icon is analogous to
"running."  The command is running; the man is running.  It maps to
running a race, where when the runner is successful, s/he usually
extends both arms upward, e.g., in the Olympics.  If the runner falls
down, s/he has failed to complete the race, i.e., the command has