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Spanning Temporary Reorg Files Disclosure Number: IPCOM000104842D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-19
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Disclosed is a method of spanning temporary Reorg data files.

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Spanning Temporary Reorg Files

      Disclosed is a method of spanning temporary Reorg data files.

      When a database table is reorganized using the Database Manager
Reorg Utility, the Database Manager creates a temporary copy of the
reorganized table.  This temporary Reorg table can be as large as the
original table.  Some customers are unable to reorganize very large
tables because there is insufficient disk space available on the data
base drive.  Also, now that table objects can be spanned across
differ ent directories, tables can grow much larger then was possible
before.  Database Manager needs the ability to span temporary Reorg
tables.  However, if it spans the Reorg table using the same span
directories that the original table uses, the disk space problem
could still occur.

      The Database Manager provides a new database configuration
parameter which the user can use to define paths for spanning
temporary Reorg tables.  Using the existing configuration interfaces,
the user defines 1 or more paths to be used.  The default is 1 path,
the main database subdirectory.  All temporary Reorg tables, when
created, are spanned across the paths specified.

      Temporary Reorg tables can now grow to be much larger than was
before possible.  The temporary Reorg tables can be placed on media
separate from the rest of the database which may improve performance.
Customers who are unable to Reorg very large tables today due to
insufficient disk sp...