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Elastomeric Chockmount with Changeable Webs Disclosure Number: IPCOM000105394D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-19
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Rachui, RA: AUTHOR


Disclosed is an enhancement to the Elastomeric Stockmount [*].

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Elastomeric Chockmount with Changeable Webs

      Disclosed is an enhancement to the Elastomeric Stockmount [*].

      Described is a method for a mechanical isolation shockmount to
have flexible webs with interlocking heads (Figure).

      Elastomeric shockmount (1) is comprised of an inner hub (2),
multiple nonradial spokes (3) and a separate outer rim (5).  It is
significant to the design of the mechanical isolation system that the
inner hub (2) with spokes (3) have interlocking heads (4) with the
outer rim (5).  Where as a varying spectrum of the durometer and
resilience of the elastomeric material, the physical dimensions of
the spoke (3), such as length, cross-section and angle, can be varied
to independently adjust the force-deflection characteristics in both
the axial and radial directions and are interchangeable into a common
separate outer rim (5).


[*]  "Frictional - Elastomeric Shockmount System for Mechanical
   Isolat ion of a Fragile Device from Sources of Vibration and
   Shock", Technical Disclosure Bulletin 33, 9, 53-57 (February