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Magnified Slider Control - Magnified Dial Control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000105434D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-19
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Henshaw, SF: AUTHOR [+4]


A method for providing detailed scales for a large range of values is disclosed.

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Magnified Slider Control - Magnified Dial Control

      A method for providing detailed scales for a large range of
values is disclosed.

      Traditional sliders provide adequate levels of detail, but
require a large amount of real estate to show and access that detail,
and the amount provided is often limited by the readability of the
display and it's pixel precision.

      This article introduces a modification to basic controls,
enabling them to display more precise information about their scales
as a user is adjusting the setting.  This is achieved by popping up a
"scale magnifier" around the slider thumb or indicator as the user is
dragging it; this magnification field provides precise information
about the region of the scale surrounding the indicator position.  By
magnifying a portion of the scale, the control has more space with
which to draw extra tick marks or provide more numerical controls
within just the current area of interest.

      The dial control and circular slider controls are modified as
shown in the Figure.  More detail is given within the magnified area
than would otherwise be possible, since the magnification control
does not require any additional screen space, and it retains its
normal (unmagnified) appearance when it is not being manipulated.
The pop-up field behaves much like a magnifying glass, meaning that
not all ticks covered by the field are magnified within the field;
instead, only the tick marks immediately surround...