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Methods for Presentation Management Disclosure Number: IPCOM000105604D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-20
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Described is a method for governing presentations at the threshold of an automatically detected noise level.

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Methods for Presentation Management

      Described is a method for governing presentations at the
threshold of an automatically detected noise level.

      Multimedia presentations are becoming more prevalent.  They are
often used to demo a product, present various topics in a class
format, or advertise.  Video can be displayed on the computer system
terminal.  An audio adapter card can be used to provide optimal sound
and special graphics adapters can be used to provide optimal video
resolution.  Systems which are stand alone for presenting various
presentations to users or observers are often left unattended and
many observers do not know how to control the system.  The system is
programmed to simply play presentations to observers.  The observer
may not have the ability or authority to adjust the volume on the
computer or may not have the ability or authority to stop, restart,
pause, etc. the presentation when distractions occur.

      The problem users have when observing a presentation is not
hearing some of the presentation due to noise in the background while
the presentation is being viewed.  A method is needed for controlling
such situations, and more importantly allowing an observer to hear
the audio portions of a presentation which would otherwise not be

      This article describes several methods to preempt multi-media
presentations when a noise threshold is reached.  Determining a
decibel value for sound detected is well known in the art.  This
article makes use of decibel values reported by comparing them to a
configured threshold in order to initiate preempting an active
presentation.  If the background noise exceeds the preset decibel
value, then presentations will be preempted until the background
noise level drops below the preset value.  Also, presentations can be
registered with the type of preemption logic prescribed.  This allows
various presentation management behavior depending on how
applications are registered.  In the preferred embodiment,
applications which are not to have default behavior (while article
enabled) of being preempted until noise drops back below the
configured threshold will be configured with a keyword in a profile
(e.g., CONFIG.SYS).  The profile is internalized and its values
consulted at the appropriate time.  The default decibel threshold is
also configured in the same profile (e.g., NPM_THRESHOLD = 98).

Descriptions of available configurations follow:

Methods for Configuring All Presentations

NPM_THRESHOLD=Decibel Value (e.g., 98)

Can override default by configuring individual presentations

NPM_REG_APP=Registered App.  (e.g., VIDEO.COM or AUDIO.EXE, etc.)