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Method for Mail Recall Utilizing Phone Apparatus Disclosure Number: IPCOM000105736D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-20
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Provided is a method for recalling mail distributions with a phone call.

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Method for Mail Recall Utilizing Phone Apparatus

      Provided is a method for recalling mail distributions with a
phone call.

      Currently, some office systems provide a RECALL function.  This
allows retrieving a note sent to a recipient before the recipient has
seen the note.  This method requires that the user perform the RECALL
from an office system terminal.  It is often desirable to recall a
note from a device other than a terminal.  A method is needed for
RECALLing mail other than the off ice system user interface which was
used to send the note.

      A user sends a regrettable note to his manager.  Unfortunately,
on that Friday evening at home, the user regrets having sent the
note.  Current art requires the user to drive back to the office to
use a terminal to RECALL the note in the event the user does not have
terminal access at home.  A method is needed to prevent the user from
having to drive back to the office.

      Provided is the capability for a user to dial a voice mail
system in order to recall distributions which were sent.  The voice
mail system is accessed as is customary with the particular phone
system.  After access is granted, the user may select a MANAGE
ELECTRONIC MAIL SENT function.  Upon entry to this mode, the user is
prompted for a time interval in which the mail item was sent and/or
search text (e.g., subject, content, etc.)  which can be entered with
the telephone keypad or voiced in to be converted into appropriate
search strings...