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Braille Terminal Window

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000106089D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-20
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Apparatus is described, for making a computer terminal screen contents available to a blind person.

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Braille Terminal Window

      Apparatus is described, for making a computer terminal screen
contents available to a blind person.

      In order for blind persons to use computer terminals, it is
necessary that the terminals be equipped with some means for making
the information displayed on the terminal screen accessible.  Many
efforts have been made to accomplish this goal.  The efforts include
using speech synthesis devices to read the screen aloud, and braille
printers.  Each approach has serious drawbacks.  They are costly,
time consuming to operate, and do not approach the facility with
which the visual screen information is available to a sighted person.
It is the purpose of this disclosure to suggest a means by which this
facility could be made available to blind persons.

      It is technically feasible to translate text to braille.  A
braille translation of some portion of the screen can be presented to
the blind user by means of a separate display.  This display can
include an extra key pad in addition to the regular typewriter
terminal to control the 'cursor'.  This would, in reality, control a
'window' (a portion of the screen) that would represent the text on a
series of braille transducers on the separate display.  This text
could be scanned by normal braille reading.  The 'window' could be
elaborate and display a full line of 80 characters.  This approach,
however, would be somewhat expensive.  It's advantage would be that a
full lin...