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Deterministic Routing of Aliases to Domains Disclosure Number: IPCOM000106126D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-20
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Disclosed is a method of routing network aliases to the native domain.

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Deterministic Routing of Aliases to Domains

      Disclosed is a method of routing network aliases to the native

      An alias is a pseudonym for a domain resource.  In IBM* LAN
Server, network aliases are divided into two categories:  internal
and external.  Internal aliases are defined to be resources available
within the domain, external aliases are resources located in
different domains.

      When defining an external alias, an administrator must create a
command file that contains a command-line connect to the network
resource.  If the alias definition in the other domain changes, the
administrator must update all command files for every domain that
defines that alias as external.

      The method disclosed would allow functions to specify the
domain to which an alias would be routed.  For example, a device
connection to an alias would be of the form "domain:alias".  The
resolution of the alias to the underlying resource would be performed
at the domain indicated.  An alias would thus be defined only
internal to a domain, relieving the administration of external
aliases.  Functions would request resolution of the alias by the
native domain.

* Trademark of IBM Corp.