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Virtual Reality Menu Systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000106706D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-21
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Disclosed are various menu systems for use in virtual reality Environments.

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Virtual Reality Menu Systems

      Disclosed are various menu systems for use in virtual reality

      Because virtual reality applications generally do not make use
of the traditional input devices such as keyboards which are normally
used to control selection of options, it becomes necessary to define
alternate ways to allow user choice-making within the virtual reality
paradigm.  In one embodiment, menu options available to the user
appear as paths in a maze.  Paths can open and close as available
options change.  Sub-options appear as offshoots to option paths.  A
version of this places the user in the perspective of a driver in a
car, with the various street signs indicating option choices.  The
user makes his selection by "driving" a route representing several
levels of choice.  This method has particular application in complex
menu hierarchies, providing an intuitive way to traverse the
hierarchy and to understand the connectivity of options.  For
instance, a user may need to travel down the path marked "start
terminal emulator" before reaching the path marked "log on to
mainframe".  Such an approach may also be suitable for use by

      The ability of virtual reality systems to simulate real or
imaginary environments suggests the use of menu paradigms which have
counterparts in the real world.  Due to their familiarity, such
environments might be appropriate for first-time users or for use in
publicly-available systems.  The user operates a simulated TV channel
selector or TV remote control with various channels representing
option choices. ...