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Configurability of Logon Messages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000106823D
Original Publication Date: 1993-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-21
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Disclosed is a method of configuring network logon messages.

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Configurability of Logon Messages

      Disclosed is a method of configuring network logon messages.

      A network domain may consist of client and server machines of
different products.  A user logging in to the domain, or to a
particular server has no method to filter logon messages that may not
apply to the particular type of logon.  For instance, a user at an
IBM LAN Requester might request logon validation from a Microsoft LAN
Manager Server.  Warnings and informational messages unique to the
IBM LAN Server validation process would be displayed; these messages
would be inappropriate.

      The method disclosed solves these problems in two ways.  The
user is given the means to facilitate which type of logon messages
are displayed by means of logon and workstation switches.  As an
example, a user might specify "logon user /messages:ibm" to allow
only those warning and informational messages specific to a IBM-type
validated logon.

      As a more general case, the user might choose to allow the
logon process to determine which messages to display.  A user might
specify "logonmessages:system", indicating that the messages should
be tailored to the specific product server that has performed the
logon validation.