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Intentional Daily Calendar Items Disclosure Number: IPCOM000107130D
Original Publication Date: 1992-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-21
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The method for managing intentional daily items is different from committed calendar items.

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Intentional Daily Calendar Items

       The method for managing intentional daily items is
different from committed calendar items.

      Consider a computer calendar system where a user enters
calendar events and items which are stored in a computer data base.
Current art manages these items as committed items. Events recorded
on the calendar are treated by the computer logic, and by other users
of the calendar system, as though they were committed--that the items
were promised to be done, that attendance at meeting was certain,
etc. In practice, this is not necessarily true; items on the calendar
may only be there for information. In addition, it is useful to allow
the calendar to contain uncommitted items that show an intention to
attend or complete but no commitment. This would allow the recording
of items to be done in the event of a cancellation of a meeting, or
for some other reason time becomes available and something additional
could be done.

      The method of this disclosure allows items to be entered as
intentional, simply and easily. They can be changed from intentional
to committed status simply and easily. And they appear on the
calendar as intentional items for others when they look at the
calendar items for the day. This method is to use a short prefix
(tag) to denote intentional items. It is recommended that this prefix
be the question mark followed by a colon, "?:".

      To enter an intentional item, the user types the prefix "?:".