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Reply After Dates for Mail Surrogates Disclosure Number: IPCOM000107132D
Original Publication Date: 1992-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-21
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A method is given for allowing mail surrogates to process mail with a reply-after date.

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Reply After Dates for Mail Surrogates

       A method is given for allowing mail surrogates to process
mail with a reply-after date.

      Consider an electronic mail system that also has an electronic
calendar system. Current such mail systems have the ability to attach
a range of dates to a correspondence, the meaning of which is the
range between which a reply is required or requested. Current e-mail
systems allow the designation of another user as a mail surrogate so
that mail sent to the principal can be processed by the surrogate.
The processing of mail with reply-after dates is not defined in
current mail systems.  It is this processing that is the method of
this disclosure.

      Current processing of reply-after dates in e-mail is as the
range of dates, from the reply-after through the due dates, and as
recorded on the sender's and recipients' calendars; reminders and
other triggers may be associated with these dates on any calendar;
and as appropriate processing as one of these dates or one of these
reminders or triggers is activated.

      The method of this invention adds the additional processing
necessary for a surrogate to process the principal's mail with
similar available information and results. The method takes these
      1) When the principal authorizes a surrogate for mail
processing, the e-mail and calendar systems are notified. The e-mail
system so that incoming principal mail (within the security rules set
by the system and permitted...