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Calendar Event Separator Character Disclosure Number: IPCOM000107143D
Original Publication Date: 1992-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-21
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A method is given for not printing portions of a calendar event which is otherwise displayed.

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Calendar Event Separator Character

       A method is given for not printing portions of a calendar
event which is otherwise displayed.

      Consider a computer calendar system which allows users to enter
calendar events into a computer display screen. In current art, it is
possible to selectively display or print event lines, but it is not
possible to print only portions of an event line. This ability to
print partial event lines is desirable, especially when the event
descriptions are long or when the desired calendar print format is
already short on space, such as a one-page month or a time-grid day
format.  Typically, a computer display of a day's events has sixty
columns for event descriptions. A month or one-day time-grid page may
have room for thirty to forty characters. In these cases, the user of
the calendar may need to choose to print a shortened description,
while the full description is displayed.

      A complete word processing solution, while it solves the
problem, is inefficient--an overkill for this problem. A better
solution is to have a special end of line character used for
printing. When a description is displayed, the lines are shown in
full, ignoring this end-of- printed line character. When the
description is printed, all characters including and to the right of
the end-of-printed line character are discarded and not printed. This
solution is improved when the user is allowed to choose the character
to be used for this purpose. It i...