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Integrated Substrate Carrier and Handling Fixture

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000108299D
Original Publication Date: 1992-May-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-22
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Disclosed is a device to handle and store substrates in a clean room environment.

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Integrated Substrate Carrier and Handling Fixture

       Disclosed is a device to handle and store substrates in a
clean room environment.

      This device is an integrated storage and handling fixture.  The
active surface of the substrate is never exposed to contaminants in
the atmosphere until placed inside of a tool or other process
fixture.  The product sees minimal exposure to any contamination
generated by humans.

      The integrated substrate carrier and handling (ISCH) fixture is
composed of two parts as shown in Fig. 1: a base carrier and a top
lift cover.  The base carrier supports the substrate and provides
guide rails for storage in a rack and recessed bottom to allow
stacking.  There are top and bottom rims; the top rim serves as a
protector seat for the substrate sides, the bottom rim serves for
stacking a series of ISCH fixtures.  The top of the assembly or
"hat", is nearly identical to the base carrier.  The hat includes a
chamber molded to the size of the substrate and is equipped with an
O-ring seal to seal itself to the substrate.  When a vacuum is
applied to the chamber, it is firmly attached to the substrate and
the bottom carrier.

      Experience has shown that the vacuum is retained for a
significant period of time within the chambers; however, the device
does not rely on this capability.  As shown in Fig. 2, the surfaces
of the hat and base carrier are preferably equipped with protrusions
suitable for engagement by a va...