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Paint Pots in a Drawing Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000108528D
Original Publication Date: 1992-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-22
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In a computer drawing tool, a method is disclosed for copying color and pattern information from one drawn object to another.

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Paint Pots in a Drawing Tool

       In a computer drawing tool, a method is disclosed for
copying color and pattern information from one drawn object to

      Consider a computer drawing tool that allows objects to be
drawn and filled with a colored pattern.  Examples of such programs
are Freelance by Lotus, Powerpoint by Microsoft and Harvard Graphics
by Software Publisher.

      Current art provides for defining the fill color and pattern
for objects.  This definition is set and used to fill objects.  The
same color and pattern is used until the definition is reset or
cleared to some neutral color and pattern.  It is possible to set a
particular combination of color and pattern as the default value to
be used.  Some such tools allow the refinement of color and pattern
to some great detail.  Colors can be selected from a palette of
thousands or millions of values.  Patterns can be selected from
dozens or hundreds of pre-set patterns, or can be custom built,
pel-by-pel, in some cases to very intricate and detailed fill
patterns.  The point is that in some cases, the exact color and fill
pattern may take considerable time and effort to create.  Current art
provides only one place to save a color and fill setting, namely the
default.  If a new object is drawn and it is desired that this object
have the same color and pattern of an existing object, and if the
desired color and pattern required considerable work to create, and
if the default value is no longer set to this desired combination,
the work to create the desired combination must be re-done.

      A better way is the subject of this invention. Consider an
object, which will be termed a "paint pot" in this article, which can
catch and hold a color and pattern combination from one object and
copy it to another object. Any number of these paint pots may be
active at one time, each holding a different color and pattern
combination. They may be used to paint and pattern objects over and

      A paint pot is one of the tools available in the drawing
program's list of available tools objects.  When a paint pot is
desired, it is selected from the list of tool's objects and dragged
to the drawing area.  This tool is not part of the drawing and will
not print or plot when the picture is printed or plotted.  The color
and pattern of the paint pot may be set as for any drawn object, that
is, the color and pattern may be selected from the list of available
colors and patterns, or, if provided by the drawing program, a custom
color or pattern may be made and assigned to the paint pot.

      The paint pot may also "catch" the color and pattern of a drawn
object, for example, a circle.  To set the paint pot values this way,
an object is drawn and colored as customary for the drawing tool.
Once colored and patte...