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Method of setting the "cc" and "bcc" attributes as a part of a mail alias. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000109091D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-23
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-23
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What is offered is a method to allow email aliases to also include "cc" and "bcc" entries.

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Method of setting the "cc" and "bcc" attributes as a part of a mail alias .

One of the practical innovations about email is the ability to use aliases to shorten the typing of the distribution list. An especially good part of it is the ability to group large groups of single, individual aliases under a group alias. However, the problem with this function is that there are cases where a user would want people not be grouped in the "To" section, but the "cc" (which implies an FYI mode) or "bcc" (which might imply an FYI mode, but also might imply a secret mode). A method is needed to allow the inclusion of cc and bcc in the concept of a mail alias.

This idea requires a new flexibility within email programs. In email programs, for the portion of the email address book, group aliases would allow the inclusion of users that could be tagged with "cc" or "bcc" tags. This tagging implies that when a group alias is typed into the "To" portion of email, the special tags would be read and a "cc" tag would indicate that the user alias in that group alias would be split away from the "To" portion and placed into the "cc".

In the same manner, any user id in the group alias that is tagged "bcc" would be split away from the alias group and placed in "bcc" portion of the email address. However, there is an important aspect to the "bcc" case. The use of "bcc" implies a secrecy not associated with "cc". In other words, "bcc" - meaning blind carbon copy, means that other people in the email can't see the "bl...