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Method for a generic storage appliance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000109307D
Publication Date: 2005-Mar-23
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Disclosed is a method for a generic storage appliance. Benefits include improved functionality.

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Method for a generic storage appliance

Disclosed is a method for a generic storage appliance. Benefits include improved functionality.

General description

              The disclosed method provides a general purpose data storage appliance. It provides information storage and retrieval services to any device that communicates with it. Devices include the following:

•             Personal digital assistants (PDAs)

•             Digital phones

•             Computers

•             Digital media players


              The disclosed method provides advantages, including:

•             Improved functionality due to providing storage as a service that is available to any connectable device

•             Improved functionality due to enabling storage access to conventional personal area networked devices without connecting with a PC

•             Improved functionality due to enabling basic file sharing without a common file system

Detailed description

              The disclosed method includes a generic storage appliance. The method supports several functions, including the following:

•             Object storage

•             Block storage

•             Communication bridge

•             Security

Object storage

              To enable multiple storage data types and access to a wide range of devices, the storage appliance provides a generic means of storing and retrieving objects. This approach removes the burden of requiring a storage protocol from the device and puts most of that work onto the storage appliance. The device connects, requests an object be stored or retrieved, and sends or retrieves the object. The storage appliance provides an object identifier (ID) to the device for use when retrieving the object. Additionally, the object store provides an interface for object retrieval. The appliance has a list of the objects that are stored on the storage appliance. As a result, devices are not required to maintain the object ID for retrieving the stored object. The storage appliance can be queried for the list of objects stored.

              The object store operation does not require that a contiguous block be available on the storage medium. The object can be spread across multiple discontinuous blocks. A scatter/gather list is maintained within the object store function so the object can be reassembled and provided to the connected device as a single object.

              Object streaming is supported to the extent that the object does not have to be completely transferred to the device to be usable. As a result, records can be played back by applications. For example, voice mail can store a message directly to the generic storage appliance rather than to special storage allocated only for a phone.

              Partial object transfer can be supported by enabling association with other objects stored with the object. This function enables composite objects to be stored with access to the composite object and its component parts. As a result, a directory can...