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Hose Insertion Force Measurement Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000109317D
Publication Date: 2005-Mar-23
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Hose Insertion Force Measurement Tool

Hose insertion is an ergonomic action that has implications in design integrity and assembly feasibility. Currently hose insertion forces are measured on a force machine with geometry similar to that of a vertical press. The device has large vertical columns and a load cell. The hose is attached to a holding detail and pressed over a simulated hose nipple. The force is measured over a distance in a given time. A problem exists in that the recorded forces are not representative of real world insertion situations. Many times insertion forces specified by engineering differ from those presented to the operator. The hose may be certified as being 'in spec' but may not be real life representative. My device allows for in-car measurements. It is a hand held device that contains a load cell and a hose mounting element. The device provides design engineers feedback on insertion forces in car position. Insertion forces are position dependant relative to the operator. The current measurement tool is not representative of real world conditions. This device will provide engineers a better way to measure insertion forces relative to the operator. This ergonomic tool will provide the necessary force data to ensure assembly integrity without injuries.


Refer to the attached drawing file. The invention consists of a body, detail no. 1 and 2, a hose containment device, details no's 5-11 and S-5, S-6, a load cell, as noted, and a side/twisting prevention element, details no's 3, S-2, S-3 and S-4. A hose section is placed in the hose containment device. The device is then placed into detail no. 2 of the body as...