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Method for waking a remote sleeping Sametime* window in a collaborative environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000109647D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-24
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-24
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Proposed is a method that allows one chat participant to expand the chat session of a connected peer so they can respond to the chat.

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Method for waking a remote sleeping Sametime * window in a collaborative environment

Proposed is a software method to extend the flexibility of an Internet chat service such as Lotus Notes Sametime* to include the ability to wake a sleeping chat windows. A sleeping chat window is a chat window that has been iconified. This proposed would allow a connected peer to see that you have iconified the chat window and are thus no longer responsive to chat session. The proposed would allow for the chat session to send a specific wake up chat message to the sleeping chat window so that new information on the chat can be brought to the attention of that user.

The proposed method would allow for the chat session to collect the status of the connected peer chat session or sessions so that a visual indication is given to the local user that the peer chat session has gone to sleep (been iconified). If someone on a chat session is asleep to the chat session and another user now needs them back on the chat session that user will send a wake up message to that connected peer that will result in that chat window expanding (uniconified).

The proposed would allow a user to iconify a chat session knowing that the connected peer will wake their chat session when they need to respond quickly to information contained in the chat.

* Lotus Notes Sametime is a registered trademark of IBM Corporation