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Thermally Potted Magnetic Coils Disclosure Number: IPCOM000110632D
Original Publication Date: 1992-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-25
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Depew, D: AUTHOR [+1]


Disclosed is a device to improve the thermal performance of a high power transformer.

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Thermally Potted Magnetic Coils

       Disclosed is a device to improve the thermal performance
of a high power transformer.

      The metal enclosure (frame) provides both a thermal interface
from potted coils to a typical cold plate/heatsink mounting surface
and also provides structural support for the core clamping leaf

      The basic design requirements this transformer assembly must
achieve are:
1.  To limit the operating temperature of the transformer coils to
50oC maximum.
2.  To prevent ferrite core breakage in the resultant assembly.
3.  To maintain a fixed magnetic inductance during operation.

      The previous approach involves potting the coils and cores
together in a thermal conductive compound and mounting the resultant
assembly to a heatsink.  However, extreme temperature changes caused
the ferrite cores to expand and contract at a different rate than the
epoxy potting material.  As a result, this undue stress fractured the
ferrite cores resulting in a loss of the required magnetic

      The solution provided by this disclosure consists of two basic
features as shown in the figure:
1.  Selectively potting the heat generating coils only, and in doing
so, provide a good thermal (conductive) path to the cold plate.
2.  Maintain the magnetic integrity of the assembly.

      The prime purpose of the spring-loaded interface is to insure
that the core legs remain in direct and stable contact with each