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Method for Performing Zoom Disclosure Number: IPCOM000110757D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-26
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Provided is an improved method for zooming in on objects or portions thereof.

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Method for Performing Zoom

      Provided is an improved method for zooming in on objects or
portions thereof.

      Often in graphical editing applications the user must zoom in
on subjects by either specifying a zoom ratio, selecting the object
and performing a scaled stretch, selecting a well-known zoom function
which has predefined zoom ratios, etc.  A method is needed whereby a
user may simply select an object and specify a maximize-to-screen
viewing area.

      Provided is a smart zoom option for a user whereby the user is
interested in seeing an object or portion thereof maximized to full
screen.  For example, a user selects an object and wishes to perform
a maximum zoom such that the object fills the screen.  Determined is
maximized uniform scaling of the object so that it can be seen in its
entirety while being placed into a maximum zoom.  The perimeter of
the object is automatically determined and then appropriate
translation and scaling is performed to increase or decrease the size
of the object to the screen (decrease because user may select an
object which is partially shown on the screen).  The object may be
automatically repositioned in order to maximize the zoom to the
screen.  The user may also select a polygon area or an arbitrary
closure such that a maximized zoom will occur, as described above.

      Further provided is the optional capability to specify how much
of the screen to take up with the zoom.  A percentage specificatio...