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Original Publication Date: 1994-Jan-01
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Process management philosophy is based on five Process Management Principles:

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      Process management philosophy is based on five Process
Management Principles:

1.  Process Structure

 2.  Owners and Users

3.  Customer - Supplier Relationship

4.  Meaurements, 5 Ups, Baselines and Goals

5.  Continuous Improvement through Metaprocess

      Instead of defining an improvement mechanism for every single
process, the Metaprocess has been defined to be applied to all
processes and has been added as the fifth Process Management
Principle.  The Metaprocess is a special 'looping' process to
continuously improve all our processes.

      The Metaprocess as the fifth process management principle has
interrelationships to the preceding four principles.  Therefore, a
brief description of them is given here before the Metaprocess is

1.  Process Structure - Each process is defined and described in
    detail in our online Quality Management System (QMS).

2.  Owners and Users - The users of a process are the first-line
    managers of those departments operating this process.  One of
    these first-line managers is assigned as the owner of the
    process.  Process owners must describe the process in the online
    QMS.  Furthermore, they are responsible for process analysis and
    improvement in accordance with the process users.  This includes
    the definition of indicators, measurements, baselines and

3.  Customer - Supplier Relationship - Each process owner must come
    to an agreement with the suppliers and internal or external
    customers.  The agreement contains conditions regarding the
    quality of the supplied input and the delivered output.  It is
    documented in the entry criteria and exit criteria element of the
    process description.

4.  Measurements, 5 Ups (Priorities), Baselines and Goals - The
    priorities identify the objective of the process improvement
    goal.  These priorities or 5 UPs are reviewed regularly by the
    process owner and the Product Manager.  Each priority is
    supported by one or more measurements.  A measurement consists of
    a baseline, a target and a measurement system.  The r...