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Electronic Posted Notes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000110789D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-26
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Provided is an electronic implementation of a posted note metaphor.

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Electronic Posted Notes

      Provided is an electronic implementation of a posted note

      Often, help menus available for applications are not sufficient
for a user to be able to use an application or features thereof.
Currently, users who use computer applications must make notes on
scrap paper or within an application intended for note-writing.
Furthermore, it is unpleasant having to manage paper notes when using
an application so the application can be used properly.  Making use
of a note-writing application intended for writing notes does not
directly associate the notes with a particular application or
specific objects of a particular application.  A method is needed for
allowing a user to associate arbitrary user-defined notes with
application objects in such a way that the note lives with the
application object.

      Users may have many reasons for assigning notes which will live
with objects throughout time.  A method is needed for allowing the
user to manage such notes conveniently and have the notes be directly
and intuitively associated with specified objects and/or

      Currently within OS/2* 2.0 (Operating System), the sticky pad
implementation requires the user to organize sticky pads outside of
applications, thereby creating a problem for a user for associating
which sticky pads to which applications.

      This article provides the user with the ability to place posted
notes directly on user interface objects as though they were "stuck"
there.  The posted notes have written messages associated with them
and are associated with an object for as long as the user wants it
associated.  Electronic posted notes implemented herein survive with
an object even after system reboot or power-off.  Any time the object
is present...