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Method of and Apparatus for Categorizing Phone Messages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000110954D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-26
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Provided is a convenient method for categorizing and retrieving phone mail messages.

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Method of and Apparatus for Categorizing Phone Messages

      Provided is a convenient method for categorizing and retrieving
phone mail messages.

      Currently, messages may be left on a telephone answering
machine.  The intended call recipient may subsequently poll the
answer machine to see if messages are left.  A method is desirable
for automatically categorizing important messages so that important
messages may be heard first and others may be appropriately stored.
A method is needed for a caller to check messages from a remote
location and provide the caller with a means for accessing
categorized messages.

      This article allows mapping conditions in messages to specified
categories.  A category, preferably referenced through a
caller-defined phrase, is mapped to a type of message which has been
left on the phone answering system.  A caller may only be interested
in certain messages left on an answer machine, particularly if there
are important messages anticipated.  A caller may only be interested
in the presence of an agreed-upon content in a message.  A method is
needed for automatically categorizing messages according to
particular content in messages.

      The present article expands messaging capability in an
answering machine system.  The present apparatus executes on an
answer machine and is completely independent of any phone lines
connecting telephones.  It executes on the answer machine wherein the
call is handled in accordance with the type of messages which have
been left on the answer machine.  The present article allows for
recognizing content within messages for the purpose of categorizing.
Content recognized is configured on the answer machine with either a
person's voice which was previously recorded on the answer machine
(voice print), a voiced phrase, a series of telephone keypad tones or
a character string for recognizing within a voice recording.

      While playing an existing message on the answer machine, a user
is able to save a voice print (reconstruction variables of an audio
based on averages of audio samples) from a message previously left or
a voice currently speaking on the phone by manipulating a user
interface or the telephone keypad to save the voice print.  Remotely,
telephone touch tone keypad entries can be used to navigate through
messages and save a desired voice print.  Of course, special keys can
be made available on the answer machine for local configuration at
the answer machine.  After selecting a message portion for a sound
print, it is assigned to a number of rings.  This means any messages
left on the answer machine which contain portions matching the voice
print will cause the assigned categorization of the message.

      The answer machine can also optionally be configured for
detecting a character string in one or more messages.  The character
string specification is entered using the same answer machine user
interface previously describ...