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Common Data Facility Installation-Procedure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000111199D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Feb-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-26
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Seidel, R: AUTHOR


This procedure comprises the following steps:

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Common Data Facility Installation-Procedure

      This procedure comprises the following steps:

Phase I:

1.  A first job fetches the installation parts from the tape.

2.  A parameter file and a first customizer-job are updated according
    to the installation parts fetched from the tape.

3.  The first customizer-job is submitted.  Thereby the following
    jobs are generated:

    a.  system modification program extended (SMPE)-jobs, and
       b.  Common Data Facility (CDF)-installation tool job and its
        related parts.

4.  SMPE installation by submitting the jobs generated in step 3a.

    Thereby the whole tape is unloaded, CDF is installed in SMPE and
    all load modules are linked.

    Phase II:

5.  A second parameter file containing parameters for the CDF setup
    is updated, and the CDF-installation tool job is submitted.
    Thereby all jobs for the CDF setup, all jobs for the installation
    verification procedure and migration, and all other parts which
    are environment-dependent (as JCL, CLIST etc.)  are generated.

6.  For the CDF setup the jobs generated in step 5 are submitted in a


For the installation of features the same procedure is applied

This procedure especially has the following advantages:

o   The bootstrap approach minimizes the number of adaptations to be
    carried out by the operator in the phases I and II.

o   All installation-jobs as we...