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Method for Administering Domain Application Settings Disclosure Number: IPCOM000112085D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-26
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Disclosed is a method for administering domain application settings.

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Method for Administering Domain Application Settings

      Disclosed is a method for administering domain application

      In some Operation Systems (OS), a program object is an
object-oriented representation of an application.  The object may
represent a DOS, Windows, or OS/2*-based program.  Each program
object has a set of attributes, one category of which are the
settings for the program.  A user may wish to customize the program
settings, perhaps to improve performance or allow the application to
execute with a different hardware configuration.

      In some network operating systems, a user logging on to a
domain can have network applications added to their desktop.  Each of
these applications are represented as program objects in the  Network
Applications folder.  Although the applications reside on a remote
machine and can be managed to some degree by a domain administrator,
there is no mechanism to control the program settings on a domain

The problem was solved in the following manner.

      The administrator is allowed to change the settings of an
application while setting up the application definition, then save
those settings into the domain control database (DCDB).  Then, when
the program is launched or the program settings are opened on a
remote workstation, these domain application settings are retrieved
and used at that workstation.

      The method is as follows.  Create a new database file DCDB.S in
the directory \IBMLAN\DCDB\DATA which will contain all of the
settings information about each application which is not stored in
the database file DCDB.A.  DCDB....