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Application Interface for Managing Group Network Applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000112237D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Apr-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-27
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Disclosed is an interface for managing group network applications.

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Application Interface for Managing Group Network Applications

      Disclosed is an interface for managing group network

      In some Network Operation Systems (NOS), applications can be
defined which can be shared by many users across the network.  These
applications fall into one of two categories:  public applications or
private applications.  After an application has been defined, it can
be added to a user's Application Selector List (ASL).

      Applications contained in a user's ASL are added to the Network
Applications desktop folder by LAN Server* at logon time.
Information about the applications to be added to the desktop is
obtained from database files that reside on the domain controller.

      A set of user ids can be organized into a group, identified by
a unique group ID.  Network applications cannot be administered as
attributes of a group; they can only be manipulated at a user level.
Further, if a LAN administrator wants to assign a network application
to all the users of a specific group, they must update the ASL of
each user in that group.  There is no programmatic method for
assigning a network application to a group of users in one operation.

      Two Application Programming Interfaces (APIs),
NetGroupGetDesktopApps and NetGroupSetDesktopApps, were created to
allow programmatic modification of the application selector lists at
a group level.  This provides application developers with the
capability of writing simple applications that can manage desktop
applications at a group level.  The "get" API allows a program to
retrieve a list of applications defined for a given group; DOS, OS/2,
and Windows application definitions can be retrieved in any
combination.  The "set" API allows a program to determine which
network desktop applications will be added to the desktop when a
group member logs on.  Both of these APIs use information stored in
the Domain Control Data Base (DCDB) group-specific area

      Other existing LAN Server APIs, such as NetGroupAddUser, are
used to manage the group membership.

      The APIs can be remoted to any domain, so that an administrator
can manage multiple domains without logging off/into each domain.
The APIs are defined as follows.


NetGroupGetDesktopApps (partially admin) retrieves information about
all specified types of applications contained in a group's ASL.

 NetGroupGetDesktopApps (const char far *     servername,
                         char far *           group,
                         short                level,
                         unsigned short       type,
                         char far *           buf,
                         unsigned short       buflen,