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Mechanism for a Distributed Network Alias Disclosure Number: IPCOM000112570D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-27
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Disclosed is a mechanism for managing a distributed network resource alias.

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Mechanism for a Distributed Network Alias

      Disclosed is a mechanism for managing a distributed network
resource alias.

      In some Network Operating Systems (NOS), a files resource
replication mechanism is provided.  This mechanism allows a single
files resource (perhaps a directory) to be replicated to one or more
servers in a network domain.

      In network terminology, an alias is an abstraction of a server
resource.  That is, an alias name represents both a resource and the
server that contains that resource.  However, an alias can represent
only one copy of a replicated resource.  This restriction limits the
usability of the resource replication mechanism.

      This problem was solved in the following manner.  First, the
alias definition database was modified such that an alias can refer
to a resource residing on more than one server.  Next, the alias
resolution method was changed to allow any server to handle a client
request for alias resolution.  Some NOS allow only the primary server
to handle such requests.

      Finally, the server service was modified so that each server,
on a regular basis, will broadcast to other domain servers an alias
information packet.  This information includes the list of aliases
currently available on a server, the usage count for each alias, and
an indicator of whether the alias resource is the master or a
replicated copy.

The following steps describe the alias connection process.

o   A user a...