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Parallax-Free Pen-GUI Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000112702D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Jun-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-27
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Souya, T: AUTHOR


Disclosed is a method of creating a parallax-free pen-GUI environment. The steps are as follows:

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Parallax-Free Pen-GUI Method

      Disclosed is a method of creating a parallax-free pen-GUI
environment.  The steps are as follows:

1.  Set an input point (hot spot) at a position intentionally
    different from the point of contact between a stylus and a
    tablet's surface.  Fig. 1 shows the users' view.

2.  Continuously display a pen pointer to indicate the position of
    the input point.

      Parallax is caused by the physical distance between the contact
point on the tablet's surface and the inking point on the display's
surface.  This is a critical problem for users of pen-computers,
because it makes it difficult to point to an exact position on the

      The purpose of the invention is to make users unaware of
parallax.  Whereas the conventional method employs a method that
moves an output image from the display's surface to the tablet's
surface.  The disclosed method attempts to move the pen's nib of the
input pen onto the display surface.  Since users of pen-computers
focus their attention on the pen's nib on the display, they do not
notice the parallax.

      The other purpose of the invention is to offer a way of showing
messages by means the pen nib's shape as well as that of the mouse

      A third purpose is to enable application software to control
the input point.  This can be done by manipulation of the pen nib,
and is useful for inputing non-free hand drawings (such as exact
circles and strai...