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Thermal Fatigue Tester Disclosure Number: IPCOM000113110D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-27
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Thermal Fatigue Tester 1. Temperature Chamber 2. Guide Rail 3. Sliding Head 4. Mandrels (Interchangeable) 5. Thermocouple 6. Foil Sample 7. Tension Rollers 8. Torsion Spring 9. Sliding Door 10. Heating Coil 11. Temp. Control 12. Cycle Counter 13. Drive Wheel 14. Gear Motor 15. Frequency Control 16. Starter Switch

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Thermal Fatigue Tester

             Thermal Fatigue Tester
 1.  Temperature Chamber    2.  Guide Rail
 3.  Sliding Head           4.  Mandrels (Interchangeable)
 5.  Thermocouple           6.  Foil Sample
 7.  Tension Rollers        8.  Torsion Spring
 9.  Sliding Door          10.  Heating Coil
 11.  Temp.  Control       12.  Cycle Counter
 13.  Drive Wheel          14.  Gear Motor
 15.  Frequency Control    16.  Starter Switch

      Thermal fatigue is a common phenomenon in the field performance
of the circuitry.  However, there is no simple, quicker and reliable
laboratory test to predict the life of circuitry in the field.
Disclosed is a tester designed to perform a simple, quicker and
reliable test to evaluate the fatigue performance of materials in the
foil form in a thermal environment.

      The tester uses the principle of fatigue testing in flexural
mode (ASTM method E796).  As shown in the Figure, it houses a sliding
head with an interchangeable pair of pins in a chamber heated by
heating coil with a temperature control.  A foil or a thin substrate
with circuit lines is inserted between the pair of pins and the two
ends of the foil are clamped on the rolls coupled to torsion springs.
Sliding head is connected by the crank to the wheel which is rotated
by a geared motor with a variable speed.  When the foil breaks, the
circuit between the two torque rollers h...