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Means of Providing Keying to I/O Connector Assemblies Disclosure Number: IPCOM000113489D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Aug-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-27
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Mechanical Keying of I/O Connector Assembly's

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Means of Providing Keying to I/O Connector Assemblies

Mechanical Keying of I/O Connector Assembly's

      To address customer requirement for error free assembly, visual
and mechanical keying and polarization methods were examined.
Considering the available engineering materials and connector housing
design, it was determined that by utilizing non functional coring
areas of the housing, molding inserts could be designed in required
keying multiples to insure 100% correct pluggability of the assembly.

      In this invention, six keying variations were required since
the I/O assemblies were located in groups of six.  It was also
determined that six color variations could be used as an added
enhancement to aid in the guiding of the assemblies.  Evaluation of
acceptable color combinations was performed in conjunction with human
factors, manufacturing assembly and test locations and also with the
customer.  The unique design of mechanical keyed inserts allowed for
one "master" housing mold and six low cost insert molds thereby
making this approach very cost effective both from tooling and
assembly viewpoints.  The keyed slot and color combinations provide a
fool proof connector assembly scheme.  The Figure of the assembly
provides a pictorial description of the keyed inserts.  Note the
simplicity of the insert design as compared to the housing design.

      Major advantages of this approach are the use of a single
master housing mold with low cost insert mol...