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Cutting Pen Plotter

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Original Publication Date: 1994-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-27
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A plotter is provided for cutting complex shapes from paper, plastic or other sheet material.

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Cutting Pen Plotter

      A plotter is provided for cutting complex shapes from paper,
plastic or other sheet material.

      Plotters are generally used to provide straightforward and
reliable means for generating complex drawings.  Such a plotter can
be made to extend its capability from drawing to shaping.  Plotters
have obvious advantages over hand drawing in repeatability, accuracy
and speed.  A cutting plotter provides similar advantages wherever
scissors or razors are commonly used.  Prototypes for die-cut
products can be both printed and cut out when the plotter is provided
with both a standard plotter pen and with a cutting pen.  A plotter
with a cutting pen can be used with a continuous roll of paper that
can be cut to any desired length for each drawing.

      Fig. 1 illustrates a pen plotter 10 that may be used to cut,
e.g., paper.  Standard plotter pens 12 are located in slots on one
side of the plotter 10.  A cutting pen 14 has replaced a standard
plotter pen 12 in one of the slots.  Standard cabling 16 controls a
pen holder 18 of the plotter in a known manner.

      Fig. 2 shows in more detail the cutter pen 14 which cuts  with
a special rotating bit 20 that has a cutting surface optimized to cut
paper at a 90-degree angle.  The bit 20 is rotated by a miniature
high-speed motor 22 which is in turn powered by, preferably, a
standard AAA rechargeable nickel-cadmium battery 24.  The battery 24,
motor 22 and bit 20 are housed in a st...