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Sponge Tube Application Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000113616D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Sep-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-27
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A tool for applying scrub sponge tubes to drive mandrels is being disclosed.

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Sponge Tube Application Tool

      A tool for applying scrub sponge tubes to drive mandrels is
being disclosed.

      This tool is an application tube that is slotted into three
sections, for about three quarters of it's length.  The remainder of
the application tube remains intact.  The inside diameter of the
application tube is slightly larger than the outside diameter of the
drive mandrel, with a wall thickness of about one millimeter.  In
order for the application tube to work, the three legs created by the
slots have to be flexible, rigid, and maintain the diameter of the

      To apply the sponge tube to the drive mandrel, simply insert
the slotted end of the application tool about half to three quarters
of the way into the sponge tube material.  The slots will allow the
application tool to collapse into the inside diameter of the sponge
tube material.  Next take the drive mandrel and insert it into the
opposite end of the application tool.  Use your finger to push the
drive mandrel through the sponge tube material to the desired
location.  Grasp the sponge tube material, and the drive mandrel with
one hand and pull the application tool out with the other.  Usually
only slight adjustment of the sponge tube is needed once applied to
the drive mandrel (Figure).