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Image Enhanced Database Disclosure Number: IPCOM000113826D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Oct-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-27
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Described is a solution for managing a database of multimedia objects.

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Image Enhanced Database

      Described is a solution for managing a database of multimedia

      As shown in the Figure, this solution displays records from a
database and a small image associated with each record.  The images
appear as a field of the database and can be integrated with any
database functions.  The Page Up and Page Down functions let the user
page through the database.  The images displayed always correspond to
the records displayed in the text region.  Selecting either the text
record or the image, with a mouse or other means, selects and
highlights both.  The view function provides options to let the user
change the fields displayed in the text region of the display.  The
Sort and Select commands provide standard database functions to let
the user enter database field values to control the subset of the
database that is displayed and the order of the records.  A command,
such as double clicking on the image, brings up details of the
record, including full text information and a large image.  Other
commands to perform other specific functions, such as faxing
information, could also be performed based on selection of an image.

      In general, the image can be selected using standard sorting
and searching techniques on the textual information and the textual
information can be selected by visually identifying the images.