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Monitor Indicators Disclosure Number: IPCOM000114339D
Original Publication Date: 1994-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-28
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The hard-drive light on PS/2s * and other computers are often not visible to the user.

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Monitor Indicators

The hard-drive light on PS/2s * and other computers are often not
visible to the user.

Many processors provide a hard drive indicator light which shows when
the drive is being accessed.  This is useful to the user because it
provides information about the progress and completion of a program.
When most PCs were desktop units, these lights were usually visible
to the user.  As floor standing units have become more common, the
lights are often not visible.

Disclosed is a hard drive indicator light on computer monitors.
Since the user almost always has the monitor in front of them when
running a program, this will place the indicator light in a
convenient and useful location.

This idea can be extended to provide indicators on the monitor for
many other useful system functions.  For example, indicators for the
following would be useful:
  -  Power turned on at the system unit - System unit being accessed
      by another user on a network - Processor active/inactive -
      drive in use - CD-ROM in use.

Implementation requires a cable running from the processor to the
monitor.  Additional lines can be added to existing monitor cables
rather than providing a separate cable.
  *  Trademark of IBM Corp.