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Apparatus for manufacturing a cigarette pack Disclosure Number: IPCOM000114554D
Publication Date: 2005-Mar-29
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Apparatus for manufacturing a cogarette pack having a modified length of lid and/or front panel. In particular, hinged lid cigarette packs having an extended or shortened lid length may be made on a conventional cigarette packaging machine having certain modifications made thereto to allow for the change in size of the pack blank.

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Manufacture of a Cigarette Pack With

 Modified Lid & Front Panel Lengths

Conventional cigarette packaging equipment can be broken down into two categories, ‘rotary’ or ‘linear’. These two terms describe the movement of product through the machine as the individual components are brought together and combined to form the final product. In some cases, a combination of these product motions occurs.

For either style of process, existing or new machinery can be modified or prepared to enable manufacture of a pack with a lid of non-conventional length. Detailed below in outline is the nature of the work required to enable the manufacture of such a pack from a ‘blank’ (the material component from which the cigarette box, with integral hinged lid, is formed) of specific design.

Machine Section - Blank Handling

The blanks are presented to the machine in stack form and held within a magazine or guides from which they are drawn individually for forming into a cigarette pack. As a consequence of changing the length of the cigarette packet lid, the length of the blank also changes. This is the case even when the overall length of the packet remains the same and only the relative lengths of the packet lid and front panel are adjusted.

Areas requiring modification to accommodate this change include:


  • Blank Magazine

-        Adjustment / repositioning of guide rails to accommodate resized blank

  • Blank Withdrawal Mechanism

-        Resetting and timing of vacuum withdrawal mechanism

-        Repositioning of vacuum suction heads

Machine Section - Blank Preparation

Once the blank is drawn from the magazine a pattern of adhesive is applied to its inside face, this to enable the fixing of individual panels or other components of the product within it. Once the adhesive is applied, the blank is fed to the pack forming section; again, the majority of changes are to accommodate the change in length to the blank.

Areas requiring modification to enable this change include:


  • Blank Transfer

-        Adjustment / repositioning of guide rails to accommodate the resized blank (length) during its transfer through this section of the machine.

  • Adhesive Application

-        Preparation of a new glue applicator wheel designed to apply a revised glue pattern. Alternatively, repositioning / programming of electronically controlled adhesive application guns.

-        Adhesive application at a number of positions throughout the machine.

Machine Section - Packet Forming

It is at the pack forming section where the packet blank is combined with the foil wrapped cigarette bundle and inner frame around which the blank is formed into a semi complete box. Entry of the blank to the pack forming section is made via a plunger and series of guides. The majority of changes through this section are required to accommodate changes to the lid and front panel lengths.


  • Blank Entry

-        Resizing of the blank plunger to reflect the modified profile of the blank.

-        Adjustment and repositioning of guide (folding) rails through which th...