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Miniature Heat Exchanger for Corrosive Media

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000114571D
Original Publication Date: 1995-Jan-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-29
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Greschner, J: AUTHOR [+3]


Disclosed is a miniature heat exchanger made of silicon for corrosive gases and liquids.

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Miniature Heat Exchanger for Corrosive Media

      Disclosed is a miniature heat exchanger made of silicon for
corrosive gases and liquids.

      A silicon substrate with fine cooling fins may eliminate
dissipation losses up to 1 kW per cm(2) with water being the cooling
agent (1).  In (2) a cross-shaped micro heat exchanger is described
which consists of a pile of grooved metal foils each rotated by
90 degrees and linked by diffusion welding.  Corrosive media flowing
through the heat exchanger corrode the metals like copper, aluminum
alloy steel which leads to contamination of the cooling media itself.

      The miniature heat exchanger shown in the Figure is made of
silicon and avoids these problems.  Single (110)-or(100)-oriented
silicon wafers polished on both sides are anisotropically wet etched
in KOH to provide long grooves of high aspect ratio.  An
arithmetically optimized structure has 43 &mu.m wide and 720 &mu.m
deep grooves with cooling fins as thin as 30 um (3).  The grooved
silicon wafers are hermetically linked by bonding (4) to form cooling
channels along all three space axis.  If necessary, dependent on the
cooling agent, the surfaces of the cooling channels may be coated
with SiO(2).

      This cooling structure allows balancing the temperature of
three cooling media which may be used simultaneously as indicated by
the arrows in the Figure.

      Additionally connecting pipe lines of non corrosive and
contamination free mate...