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Application Interface for Improved Logon Performance Disclosure Number: IPCOM000115145D
Original Publication Date: 1995-Mar-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-30
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Disclosed is an improved interface for performing user validation.

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Application Interface for Improved Logon Performance

      Disclosed is an improved interface for performing user

     In  most network operating systems (NOSs), a user must "log on"
to a network before accessing network resources.  Logon typically
involves the validation of a user's id and password and the
connection to default network resources.

     In some NOSs, multiple network requests are required to perform
a user logon.  Validation, connection to logon resources, the
addition of network applications to the desktop, and time/date
synchronization were performed in separate network operations to the
validating server.  As a result, logon was slow and more prone to
failure, as any one of the operations might fail due to network

     A new application programming interface (API) was developed to
solve this problem.  This interface combines all of the separate
network operations into a single one.  The interface is described as
    ULONG NetworkValidateUser (PCHAR  Userid,
                               PCHAR  Password,
                               PCHAR  NetworkDomain,
                               PCHAR  LogonDetails,
                               ULONG  SizeOfLogonDetails,
                               PULONG LevelOfReturnedInformation);
  LogonDetails is described as follows:
  struct LogonDetails
    DATETIME    ServerDateAndTime;
    ULONG       ulLogonAssignments;  /* number of structures
                                         that follow */
    LOGONASN    LogonAssignm...