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Copy Function for Asynchronous Transfer Model Swap

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000115911D
Original Publication Date: 1995-Jul-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-30
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Luijten, RP: AUTHOR


This is an implementation of linear multicast for ATM switching systems.

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Copy Function for Asynchronous Transfer Model Swap

      This is an implementation of linear multicast for ATM switching

      The ATM standards define ATM switching by associating the
Virtual Patch/Virtual Channel (VPi/VCi) value of a cell at a switch
input adapter with a switch output port and replacing the VPi or
VPi/VCi field in the cell with a new value.  The cell is then sent
out on the given output port.

      This implementation calls for associating the incoming VPi/VCi
value with additional information (typically 'copy bits' in a
lookup-table) that indicates that the incoming cell must be copied to
one or more destinations, which are also indicated in the lookup
table.  Also, the VPi/VCi is swapped and the cell is sent out on the
associated output port of the switch (as before).

      This mechanism allows setting up a linear multicast tree for a
connection, where the cell may be copied to resources in the node
with special control functions, with very little added cost.

      An example of an entry (for one connection) in a lookup table
(located on the input adapter) is shown below.  These entries are
associated with values of VPi and VCi, for which a connection has
been set up.
  o  New VPi value
  o  New VCi value
  o  Switch output port address
  o  Copy Code bits:
       b'00'  discard cell
       b'01'  send cell to switch only
       b'10'  send cell to microprocessor only
       b'11' ...