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Registry Database for Common Agent Disclosure Number: IPCOM000116689D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-31
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This feature stores registry data in a database(flat file), and can be used to maintain multiple versions of same software on one or multiple location on any machine.

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Registry Database for Common Agent

Disclosed is a Registry Database, which can be used to maintain registry entries.

Registry Database is developed to store registry entries. This functionality is developed specifically to address registry maintenance of a particular application. However, it can be used to manage registry entries for any other usage such as an application to track its different version on a given machine. This application stores one record per individual entry in the database. Flat file is used to store data, but it can use any database to store records.

This application allows the user to search records in the database based on predefined search criteria. Registry entries in this database can be sorted based on sorting algorithm by using some attributes from the record. Registry entries can be stored, deleted, and searched based on search criteria.

This functionality is used in one of the software, which needs to be installed at multiple locations on a given machine. Apart from that it needs to have multiple versions of software on a given location at any particular time. Software uses rollback and commit functionality to maintain software versions on a given location. This registry helps that application to enable all of its requirements.

Data flow between application and registry

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