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Management/Installation of patches/software on any operating system. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000116712D
Original Publication Date: 2005-Mar-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2005-Mar-31
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This application can manage any software or patches on any operating system which supports jvm. Rollback functionality allows it to revert patches applied on any software.

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Management/Installation of patches/software on any operating system .

Disclosed is a Software Management system, which can be used to install any software or patch on any operating system.

Software Management System can install any software or any software patch on a system. This application can be used on any operating system, which supports jvm. This system relies mostly on input data provided through data file. Data file should contain a set of commands as per specifications defined by this application. When the application starts, it reads commands from this data file and executes them with relevant arguments.

Every command is executed in the same order as defined in the data file. User can write a command and can specify whether that command should be executed at installation or uninstallation activity. In installation process all commands marked for installation will be executed in one order, whereas commands marked for uninstallation activity will be executed in reverse order at uninstallation time. If for any reason execution of any command fails, then this application will revert its changes by executing actions marked for uninstallation activity from the point where installation command fails. Files copied will be removed and original files will be restored. After installing the software or patch successfully, it will update its registry. At the same time, if user uninstalls software or patch installed through this system, registry entry will be removed...